Going Back


To all my friends: “Thank you for your part in my journey.”

This weekend I had the pleasure of going back to my college days and spending time with some old friends. I’m reminded of a scene from “Titanic” when the elderly Rose, is given an old mirror they found of hers on the long lost ship. She says, “Oh, it’s in almost perfect condition.” Then she looks in the mirror… “Although the reflection has changed a bit.” Good thing we’re not there yet!

Spending time catching up with friends is a priceless gift. Being able to pick up right where we left off a few years prior always amazes me. Since the ‘good old days’ we have all gone our separate ways and scattered throughout the country. Each of our lives have been shaped and molded by years of work, marriage, health, raising families, seeing new birth, and saying goodbye to beloved parents. We have all seen much joy and much sadness.

shutterstock_3524119These friendships and, in this case, the Rocky Mountains are a binding cement that connects our hearts and gives us a safe place to be silly, serious, open and honest; sharing stories of victory and of defeat. We had traveled back to the scene. A time and place where we were once young and invincible. It seemed back then our shoulders only carried the burden of who the heck we might ask to the next date party.

Entering our old sorority house was nostalgic. It looked pretty much the same except maybe a little messier. The young women occupying the house were now our children’s ages. Clad in the classic sweatshirts and high ponytails, they greeted us with wholesome manners. shutterstock_459695089I think they were really excited to see their mother’s contemporaries. I’m just glad they didn’t ask us to do their laundry or shovel out some spare cash.

The fact that we were not the young ones anymore was totally ok with me. Been there, done that and now my energy level is slightly different. In a few years, God willing, we will go back to the house again and be closer to the age of the kid’s grandparents. Yikes!

I was able to share my faith while we were watching Colorado play Stanford in football. When our team’s shutterstock_217329310kicker made a field goal, after two unsuccessful attempts, I yelled “Thank you Jesus!” They laughed as I explained that while Jesus didn’t care who won the game, He does care about that poor kicker who would not be able to show his face in public if he had missed that one too. Truly though, Jesus does care and he does have a sense of humor. He created it. And I must add, my friends are certainly blessed with all sorts of humor!

Whether you have one good friend, a handful of close friends or a plethora, you are blessed. This week make sure to let them know what an honor it is to have them in your life and while you’re at it, make sure to thank God for bringing them into your life.

As we draw nearer to Thanksgiving, think about how you might do something special for a friend. Or if you are really unselfish, do something special for someone who totally rubs you the wrong way.


“A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.” Proverbs 27:9


“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” John 15:12


“The most important thing is, even if we are apart…I’ll always be with you.” AA Milne ~ Winnie the Pooh


“People come and go in your life, but the right ones will always stay.” Anon


Monday Must see Video: “Friends” Elton John



9 thoughts on “Going Back

  1. Your words, your choice of scripture and your choice of music videos are always so inspiring!! Love you and miss you my friend and sister!!

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