On Eggshells



(Nesting series continued)

Walking on eggshells: purposely not dealing with problems or people in order to avoid stress, pain, embarrassment or torment.

I just can’t think of one person who actually benefits from walking on eggshells. Most nest dwellers have to deal with the occasional eggshell scenario. Sometimes not speaking up can become an unrecognized habit and can create a serious communication problem. If not tended to, these eggshells get crushed into tinier and tinier pieces, begin to fester, and become engrained in the flooring and walls of your nest. This can become prickly and even smelly. One might say that walking on eggshells can ruffle your feathers by causing stress, anxiety and other nasty issues.

Tools in colorNot hearing any noise in our upstairs construction site made me wonder what was happening. Apparentlywe were in a semi-dormant stage of the renovation. (Translated: the tradesmen didn’t show up today.) At this point, all of the old bathroom guts have been scraped out and hauled away. Now we wait on the inner nuts and bolts; the plumbing and electricity that are the nerve center of the working bathroom. It’s time to depend on the expertise of the plumber and electrician to do their part in creating a functioning bathroom.

If there are any structural questions; they need to be addressed now. (No room for eggshells at this stage.) If you thought a wall was going to be made smaller and it is still there in plain sight, not smaller, this is the time to make it known. If you keep it to yourself, assuming it might be a dumb question, and don’t communicate, you are in for a huge and expensive problem later in the construction. You know what they say about people who assume things…

When something is being changed and transformed from the inside out it requires some serious attention. Time of quiet and time of action. Who wants a lovely bathroom that doesn’t work? Who wants to knock a wall down after a project is finished? Talk about costly. Communication is the key here.

Egg Shells with Blue accent insideWe tend to walk on eggshells around certain people and uncomfortable circumstances in our daily lives. It’s because of them… right? Or is this mindset our own choice? If we allow God to transform us, we can expect changes that we never thought possible. We have to dig in and haul out the old and replace with the new. God can show us how to face challenges with a new outlook. From His perspective. We all want our lives to be in healthy, working order… don’t we?

Jesus came to transform our lives, not just to inform us of who He is. He wants to take away our stress, anger, impatience, and bitterness and replace it with hope, peace, love and joy. Now is the time to address what holds us back from transformation… before it gets pricklier! The good news, you never need to walk on eggshells with God because he knows you inside and out. He loves you and forgives you, no matter what. This week, go before your Heavenly Father and share your hearts desires. No eggshells.

“He sees because He loves, and therefore loves although He sees.” C.S. Lewis

“Do not conform to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God.” Romans 12:2

“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10

“Christ has been raised from the dead. He lives. He has the infinite capacity to enter your life, forgive you, and change you from the inside out.” Josh McDowell, Author ~excerpted from “The Resurrection Factor”

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