“Oh, for Grouting Out Loud!”



We are about to embark on a long overdue renovation project. Our early 1970’s master bathroom is about to take a giant leap into the “here and now”. Gone will be the tiny bathtub that can only hold a small child or a hobbit! Gone will be the shower curtain that blows in and sticks to your side during each and every shower! Gone will be the harvest yellow remnants of groovy flower decals; meant to keep you from slipping and un-jarable with the best of scrapers! Hello to a world of light, space, function, and a peaceful color palette.

shutterstock_148016765I am working with some very cool designers on this endeavor. They are extremely patient with me, as I had forgotten how many choices are involved in a renovation. Years of being an HGTV addict and Pinterest enthusiast have not made the innumerable choices any easier. A strange pressure is building up inside. I think it’s that perfectionist problem popping up? I want to get it right after all this time of dreaming and planning it in my head. I have to remember, it is only a bathroom, relax.
Its tile choosing day and I feel like a kid at Christmas. I stand there, spin in a full circle
thinking… “how in the world do you choose from all of this?” Architecture and Color

Then, I remember, someone is helping me. Phew! Some people get fascinated by who will be the last American Idol, I’m finding myself fascinated over a tiny tile that has been picked out especially for our bathroom. When looking at this small tile sample, you see shiny white stain-glass tiles in the shape of simple leaves. However, when you add the grout surrounding the tiles, the color seems to change. The grout color is reflecting off of the glass tile. The surrounding grout not only does its job to hold the tile pattern together, it actually creates a more beautiful color and more dramatic pattern to the tiles. Its very appearance changes depending on the grout tint it surrounds. This seemingly minor detail makes a major difference on the finished product. A big one, particularly because there are lots of gaps to fill!

shutterstock_148016513My deep thought alarm went off … We are the white tile. Beautifully and perfectly made. Shiny pure from being made in God’s image and in turn reflecting that brilliance. The grout is what and who we surround ourselves with. It is what gives us a deeper color and makes us “pop” instead of fading into the background. It holds us together to stand alone as a strong person and cements us together as a community. (The body of Christ). The finished product is a beautiful mosaic that makes a grand and profound statement.

Grout is used to fill voids. How do we fill voids of our lives? Ask God to reveal the substance of your grout. Is it reflecting his brilliance? If changes need to be made, there is no better time than the present; here and now.

“For just as we have many members in one body and all the members do not have the same function, so we, who are many, are one body, so also in Christ.” Romans 12:4-5


“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

3 thoughts on ““Oh, for Grouting Out Loud!”

  1. Another wonderful example of how we can use everyday things, like tile and grout, to give us spiritual truths! You are SO good at that! Thank you! And good luck with your construction! I know you will love the results!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful and so profound Christy… U rock and spread His word so eloquently 👍

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  3. Wow! So beautifully written and it really spoke to me. A few years ago I had to make all these choices when we were re- building our house after a fire. God held me together with His love and grace and kept me afloat so all the work could be accomplished. I love your analogy of us being the white tile that is held up and surrounded by other believers and God’s perfect grout supporting us and binding us together. Your words are beautiful and so encouraging. Thank you and may God bless you!

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