Jonah vs. The Suburbs


On the morning of the third day of being snowed in I woke up saying, “This is it. Right God? I am going to walk downstairs and see the sparkle of that lovely black asphalt that leads us to civilization!” Open the door…nothin’. Winter storm “Jonah” has turned my well nested home into the belly of a whale. I fight to keep calm. “Breathe. Trust He has a plan. We are in our right place. Help is on the way. This is the day the Lord has made. Remember that!”
I find that our resourceful neighbor trudged through the two foot deep frozen blanket covering our beloved black top to the main road, shutterstock_363000335which was plowed. He caught an Uber, rented a car and was keeping it in the plowed parking lot of our local school. More importantly, I had an invitation to escape the homestead and acquire provisions! I gratefully put on my snow boots, grab a couple of easy to carry grocery bags and was off. I was shocked to find that right outside our neighborhood, most of the streets were plowed and life was going on in full swing! A quarter mile of snow between civilization and solitary confinement. No fair!

At the grocery store, I gather a small cart of essentials and get in line. Remembering one small item only one aisle away, I leave my cart for maybe 20 seconds. Truly. When I get back, my cart has moved between aisle 7 and 8. I know right away who the culprit is and when I looked at him, he looked straight up at the ceiling like a 5 year old thinking “You can’t see me because I can’t see you”. With a baffled expression, I continue to glance at my sub-par criminal. He finally looks at me and says, “Your cart is there.” “No Kidding?” God forgive me for the thoughts that were going through by head. “Breathe. Trust” I choose the high road and roll myself behind him and he looks at me with his full jumbo cart and says “It really shouldn’t take that long.” Smile.

On our way to Home Depot, we pass a local park where we see the Hercules of snow plows meticulously plowing out the parking lot of a local park. What is this…park before citizens? It’s too cold to play there anyway. My friend and I make a U turn and the next thing this poor snowplow driver knows is he is being tailed by two crazy ladies! He stops to see what is going on. “Sir, could you please come to our street just a couple blocks away?” “Sorry Ma’am, I’ll get fined if I plow your street. I work for the park service, not the county. I’d love to help you but …” All I heard was government rules….yada, yada, yada. I thank him for his kindness, because I believe he really would have liked to help. We head back for our trek home.

shutterstock_400893694Finally on the morning of the fourth day, a mighty squadron of snow plows roared down our street like rolling thunder. We grab our dogs out of their path and jump into the snowbanks, blowing kisses to our rescuers. Free at last!

Reflecting I realize I lost a lot of energy (and gained a few gray hairs) fretting about the snow plow situation. Anxious about what is to come next. Worrying why my road isn’t plowed but theirs is. Struggling to change things out of my control. Missing the moment I am in.

The snow was beautiful. We had electricity. Moments with friends and family. And most of all a God who loves me. Be grateful for what you have. Throughout your week. This very day. This very minute!

“Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift! “2 Corinthians 9:15


“I am thankful for nights turned into mornings, friends that turned into family, and dreams that turned into reality.” Anonymous

8 thoughts on “Jonah vs. The Suburbs

  1. Ironic how just a small section of people can be in “time out” when the rest are free to rush about. Sometimes, I feel that I miss out on the blessing of “rest” God handed to me because I was too worried about not being able to be out rushing around 🙂 Thank you for the reminder!

  2. This is great! I love your positive attitude toward a frustrating situation! It was definitely quite a week! And the anonymous quote at the end is wonderful!

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