It’s 5 days before the snowstorm of the century. Everyone and their mother is out stocking up on the standard survival items. Milk, bread, toilet paper, batteries, and junk food. By the size of the crowds, I am far from alone in my nesting instincts. Knowing we would be housebound, my husband and I diligently do our part in raiding our local grocery store, hardware store and in my case, the craft store. One Target store ran out of two things before the storm hit. Bread and Bibles. Really? I love that!


There is this euphoric feeling when the pre-storm checklist is completed. You have done everything possible to prepare. Only choice now…hunker down. The closer the storm, the more dramatic the newscasters and meteorologists become. They set the tone… “Snow-mageddon”, “Snow-pocalypse”, “Snowzilla”. Beware. Incoming storm will pack a punch of historic proportions! It will be dangerous, and life threatening so whatever youdo… stay tuned to our 24/7 coverage. While I am more than grateful for the news teams, and all the advanced warning, you have to admit, they always get a little caught up in the drama. Whoever scares the most, wins. (I buy right into that by the way.)

For some people snow-in’s make them crazy, and other’s… peaceful. Personally, I couldn’t wait to be castaways from the outside world. (Caveat: there has to be electricity… ok, so I’m not a pioneer woman.) The idea of having my family all to myself…paradise. (As long as it is not too long.) Hanging out, playing games, watching movies, reading and don’t forget…sleeping in. My most favorite past-time during snow storms used to be eating but alas, I’m three days into a diet program that I am determined to conquer. Poor timing indeed. Instead of heating up peanut butter M&M’s in the microwave, I’m carefully measuring out powdered astronaut food in a pyrex. Ugh!

shutterstock_159948056So now the snow has fallen and it is spectacular everywhere you look. The quiet is almost deafening. It is so strange to look out the window at our unplowed road covered in two feet of snow. It’s as if we are living in another world. A world where there are no roads. (That would mean no traffic!) Inside the fireplace is blazing, food is in the oven and life is good. It is at this point where my thoughts turn to those less fortunate. There are people out there who are simply trying to find shelter. They don’t have the luxury of even pondering sleeping in, playing games, or wishing they could add just a little more cream to their coffee.


This week, count your many blessings, and remember to pray for those in need, whether it be your elderly neighbor, a widow, a lonely friend or a homeless person you pass on your way to the grocery store. Life is a series of storms, and they are not just your own. Being there for a person in need, in a way, is like offering yourself as shelter. And remember, Jesus is the ultimate shelter. Ask him to shovel your path.

“Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Philippians 2:4. “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” Charles Dickens

2 thoughts on “SNOWED IN!

  1. It’s been an amazing weekend! I’ve loved every minute of being with Marty, digging out with neighbors, watching movies and football and getting “caught up!” I really like your perspective and I’m with you! Having power makes all the difference!!💗☃💗

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