Logan Wolfram: Curiosity Found

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A kindergarten teacher was observing her classroom of children while they drew pictures. Occasionally, she would walk around the room to see each child’s work. “What are you drawing?” she asked one little girl who was working diligently at her desk. The girl replied, “I’m drawing a picture of God.” The teacher paused and said, “But no one knows what God looks like.” The little girl replied, “They will in a minute.”

Do you ever wish you could recapture your child-like creativity and sense of wonder?

Logan Wolfram is a wife, plate-juggling mom, interior decorator turned speaker, blogger and Executive Director of Allume. She also likes to say she is a “daughter of a most extravagant King!” In her soon to be released book, “Curious Faith: Rediscovering Hope in the God of Possibility,” Logan shares her wise insights on discovering God in everyday life by recapturing the eyes of a curious child. Her ability to see life this way is rare and wonderful and inspires her readers to take a closer look at their faith – and in turn, discover the adventure in every day! It’s tough to come up with one word that describes Logan. I’d have to say “COLORFUL,” in all capital letters. Not just because she has an interior design background, or sets a brilliant stage for her Greenville, S.C. based Allume Conference, but because she is funny, lively, bubbly, welcoming and just plain bold. She puts it all out there.

No pretenses here, Allume’s slogan is “Come as you are.” The Hyatt Regency ballroom is as inviting and lovely as if you were a guest in Logan’s own living room. (As a matter of fact the stage set for the 2014 conference actually was her living room, right down to the polka dot sofa!)

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The venue is chock-full of stimulating ideas and meditation. An amazing worship team and dynamic event speakers give you enough spiritual, emotional and intellectual food for thought for a lifetime…really. This is not just a conference, it is an “experience.” Not a detail is missed. I can see early on that Logan is a “whole picture” kind of gal. She surrounds herself with an amazing team of women who keep her on track and on time. Each conference attendee is treated like a family member. (Note: My goody bag was so full of goodies that I had to pick up all the excess pouring out on the way to my room.) For her event sponsors, Logan and her team would move heaven and earth to make sure they were successful and felt valued. Did I mention the wait staff at the hotel? Praised and praised though-out the weekend. What I saw was women walking the walk. Logan’s background in cooking, decorating and radio advertising makes her the perfect Executive Director. Hmm, although she is a brilliant businesswoman, this title doesn’t seem to fit her personality. I’m thinking Gracious Hostess.

I was able to ask Logan a few questions. Here are her responses:

Tell us about your new neighborhood in Greenville.

She laughs and says, “It didn’t take me long to discover that I was a ‘tattoo’ girl living in a ‘monogram’ neighborhood. It took some time to adjust but I love where we live. Living close to the city of Greenville is a lot of fun with lots to do and see!”

What do you mean by “curious faith” in your book title?

“I spent my whole life putting God into a box. It wasn’t until I knocked the walls off that box that I could actually see Him with wide open curiosity. And suddenly, I didn’t want to contain Him anymore! A curious faith is a mobile one and ‘understanding’ is an action verb that unfolds before us. We can’t be curious about something we control. And when we try to control our lives, we miss out on the adventure of faith. The Bible tells us to renew our minds on the things of heaven. Why don’t we listen to this? Guess what happens if we don’t renew our minds…our minds get ‘old’ on the things of heaven and earth.”

What do you say about people who look at life with fear or dread?

“If you dread what is coming your way, you are not living curiously. If you think life will break you, then at some point you become afraid to really live it. The certainty of our faith isn’t found in where we are going, but in whom we are following. This is living with a curious faith.”

What inspired you to write “Curious Faith: Rediscovering Hope in the God of Possibilities?

“Among other things, one day I was watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with my two sons. I’d seen it before but this time, I found myself ensconced in the meaning. So who actually wins the keys to the chocolate factory? Is it the self-centered kid, the gluttonous one, the prideful one, or the impatient one? None of the above – it was Charlie, the curious, humble child who simply wants to know Wonka’s secrets and give his family a better life. Like the golden ticket, God wants us to unwrap the beauties of His Kingdom in the here and now. He has fathoms of different flavors to share with us, like the everlasting Gobstopper. (Note: I texted Logan… “I know that I’m a “Barruka Sweet type” y’know, the “I want it now daddy” girl? She texts back, “Ha! It’s Veruca Salt, close though.” LOL!


The big Allume news is that you will not be holding a 2016 Conference. You are going to “wait” this year out. This could not have been an easy decision.

“While some critics of the idea see this as a loss of momentum, we see it as a well needed time to recharge and pray. You can’t move forward on an empty tank. Waiting is courageous. Waiting is brave. Waiting is active. Waiting is full of experience along the way. It’s not a void that we’re stuck in until something new happens. It doesn’t make us victims of circumstances we can’t change. Waiting is growing and is pursuit. Waiting cultivates strength and rich experience.”

Are you concerned about this huge community of Christian bloggers that follow you, losing connection?

“It’s ok. I heard Christian speaker Lysa Terkeurst once say, ‘don’t allow momentum to be what moves you. God may have something else for you in store.’ If this is about ‘keeping up with the Jones’…this Jones ain’t keeping up. People follow you but they don’t follow you into the looney bin. (HA!) I’m excited about attending a couple of other conferences this year.”

When is your book due out?

March 1, YEAH!


I’ll wrap up with this simple Logan quote: “The more curious I am, the braver I become.”

I hope you have been inspired to be braver, and more free to think a little more “out of the box” in your faith walk. You don’t want to miss THIS adventure. Make sure to check her out ya’ll!


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