Tina Boyd: Leading with Love


Some people are content staying in the background and letting others lead, build and deal with all that comes with the territory of making a difference in the world. Coming from a family of 6 children, a military dad, and a strong-willed mom, this month’s “Real Person”, Tina Boyd, will not get lost in the crowd.

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Beloved family members, husband Lance, 3 kids, Brigette, Andrew, and Olivia are hugely important in Tina’s drive for success and excellence. However, her faith in God is the center of her universe. Starting her day in prayer is a given for Tina. How else do you balance a family, a career, the launching of a book, and being a co-founder of a foundation? While some of us need 3 cups of coffee to get our day started, Tina hits the ground running and praying. Her sense of energy and joy is almost super human. From the outside, you would think…is she for real? Or, boy, she has the perfect life. But she’ll share with you up front and personally, she faced a dark chapter in her life that could have stopped her in her tracks, ruined her marriage, her family and taken her soul to the very depths of destruction.


Last winter, Tina hit the send button for her book “The Ride of Your Life: Faith will move you Forward”. This story details the events that took place in the spring of 2004 when she hit a cyclist while driving on her local Virginia road.  We all have roads that we navigate on a daily basis. This could have been any of us.  On this day, however, this road would become the tipping point of her life. With raw honesty and in-depth journaling, Tina shares her deepest feelings on this tragic event. After the accident, she was a woman marked by shame and defeat.

To leave us with just a picture of how it felt to go through this trauma wouldn’t be a reason to write this book. It’s not about freeing herself from the guilt of her tragic day. It’s about shining a light onto how God blessed her with wisdom and a peace she felt she would never experience again. From finding herself stuck to her dining room floor in the depths of despair and depression to shining a brilliant light on recovering from a tragedy. Through prayer and counseling, she not only recovered, but she discovered that the God of her prayers wanted more from her. Her life’s mission has become about helping other’s with tragedy and becoming an advocate for “Brain Injury Services” (a percentage of her book sales goes to this cause.)  Tina has a distinct way about her that makes hope real. http://bookstore.westbowpress.com/Products/SKU-000960963/The-Ride-of-Your-Life.aspx


In 2006, Tina cofounded, W+Wings  (Women Walking in God’s Spirit) with her friend Dedra Faine.(www.womenwalkinginGodsSpirit.org)  Together they serve their local Virginia community with just about everything. Thanksgiving meals, housing, food, medical services, counseling, etc.  Understanding that there are all levels of need in our communities, this heavily engaged group of women help the poorest of poor to those finding themselves choked by economic issues of this day and age.

tinaIf you happen to live anywhere in the Northern Virginia area be sure to catch Tina on the Virginia Living television channel where a lively group of women discuss the joys and challenges of life while highlighting people making a difference in their community. As National Director of Sales for Atlanta-based “Christian Bling” Tina tirelessly recruits, motivates and inspires women to become entrepreneurs and share the word of God through meaningful jewelry and social selling. Clearly a woman on fire for life and the God who gave her life; making her our “Real Person” of the week. www.tinaeboyd.com


6 thoughts on “Tina Boyd: Leading with Love

  1. Thank you to everyone that commented ~ I am so blessed and humbled to do God’s work. May you have a joyous day, God’s love is with you always. Tina

  2. Let me tell you about Tina Boyd …Tina is truly a gift from God….since the first time I met Tina she hasn’t changed a bit, always kind,smiling,caring and no matter what’s going on in Tina’s life she finds time to help others…she truly truly cares for others with a beauty both inside and out. If you ask Tina how she does it, it’s by the grace of God.
    No grass will ever grow under Tina’s feet, she has too many things to do in life still ….spreading the joy of God, thru Gods love your soul if so full of peace,joy and happiness, and knowing that thru him all things are possible.

  3. Tina is a true inspiration and if you haven’t had a chance to read her book or listen to her speak you should make it a priority. I am blessed to know and learn from her!

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