Look out for that Gas Pump!


Our rented minivan was packed to the brim. Six people, one dog, 12 suitcases of assorted sizes and 2 coolers. This was leg 9 of our cross-country trip from Maryland to Colorado and back again visiting many friends, monuments and pet-friendly hotels along the way.  For my 86-year-old parent’s, this is the only and best way to see the country. They go nowhere without their pug. “Lily doesn’t like airplanes.” (Blame it on the dog.) 

shutterstock_148039214Today’s driving adventure is an easy 245 miles from Snowmass to Colorado Springs. We stop in town at the gas station as we head out and I decided to get everyone their own drink for the ride. Heading back to the car, juggling water bottles, dropping my credit card, contemplating if we left any important chargers behind at the house, and telling my mother for the umpteenth time… “No thanks Mom, I don’t need you to ‘spell me’ with the driving.” Mom doesn’t drive anymore. She didn’t like my answer.

I settle into the driver’s seat and make sure everyone’s buckled up. “Ok, all set. Let’s do this thing!”  (Thinking to myself… I can’t wait to get this drive over with.) I put the van in drive and pull away…then it happens…THUNK! I look back and sure enough, I had forgotten to take the fuel nozzle out of our gas tank. After a jolted moment of fear, I hop out of the car, put the nozzle in its rightful home, twist the gas cap back on, all the while holding my head high as if … “Yup, I meant to do that!” Now… I must face my jury. I look back and everyone is staring at me. Then mom with a smirk on her face, says… “Sure you wouldn’t like me to spell you?” Touché!shutterstock_192510125

Let’s pay extra attention to and always make the effort to palpably enjoy life. Slow down for those precious moments and even those not so precious trials. If it is not evident, and many times it isn’t, ask God to show you the joy and the silver linings. No dragging any gas pumps people!

    “Therefore, we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it.” Hebrews 2:1

    “The quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight. The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention. Julia Cameron

One thought on “Look out for that Gas Pump!

  1. So enjoyed “Look out for that Gas Pump”
    Christy! Great life lesson to just enjoy the ride and find joy where you are, even in the midst of everyday frustrations.

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