Kim Hume – A Journey To and Through the Bible


When former Fox News Bureau Chief Kim Hume decides to do something, she doesn’t mess around. It’s all or nothing. Dedication is an understatement! Just prior to our interview, I suddenly felt a wave of intimidation. It hit me, “You are interviewing a woman who practically invented how to do an interview.” Good thing, Kim is a friend… she went easy on me.

In many ways, Kim Schiller Hume was part of the generation that paved the way for women in media having more of a voice, in her case, the head voice. Being with Fox News from its inception, she was responsible for overseeing all Washington D.C. based news-gathering efforts for the network. (No pressure, I’m sure.) Like all power positions, she had to endure quite a few personal hardships on the journey upward. And the good news is…she came out on top again, the real top.

What was it that intrigued you with Television News?

Growing up in Ventura County California, my dad was in the Cable Television business. The TV was on a lot. The very first time I saw, “Good Morning Los Angeles,” the precursor to “Good Morning America,” I knew that was what I wanted to do.

What advice would you give a woman who was interested in a media career?

Absolutely you need to get a good education. Specifically, a well-rounded liberal arts education. Many decide to major in journalism or communications and they miss out on the truly valuable knowledge learned through language skills classes, logic, and philosophy. Having a grounded knowledge of history is also beneficial in this business. If you desire this career just because you want to be on TV, you will probably not last.


What would you say was your formula for becoming so successful?

Determination. I was determined to be top in my field, and I eventually got there, but I gave up a lot to do it. A normal life for one thing. If you are going to work in television news you need to be willing and available any time because the news never stops. I didn’t say no to out of town assignments or overnight shifts or last minute travel. In my time it would have been difficult to have a family with my schedule. I came from a generation where most women in my field didn’t have a career and a family. We had to choose. Things are different now, but it is still an issue if you are really ambitious. I’m not sure I recommend it, but if you think you want to be really successful, it helps to be able to make your work your top priority.

What have been your greatest obstacles in life?

Myself. Every time I thought I knew what I was doing. Trouble. Because at the time I didn’t have a solid grounding in my life, I would try to force things to work that most likely should have been forced. I wouldn’t accept it any other way, but mine. I should not have taken a step back.

What was the most memorable news event you remember working on and being a part of?

By far the most moving event I covered was the 50th Anniversary of D-Day. I was a producer for ABC News at the time and covering President Clinton in Europe. In Normandy, in particular, it was remarkable to see all the American WWII veterans there in their quiet dignity. Technically and logistically it was a very
complicated and difficult story, but, I was so proud to be an American that day.

To many you are introduced as Brit Hume’s wife? Comments?

Ha! It’s funny because many people don’t recognize me if I am not with Brit. The truth is, I consider it a bonus to be married to Brit Hume! I don’t mind those perspectives at all.


Would you like to share some insights from your past struggles with alcohol addiction?

I absolutely do. As I drank, I finally recognized how helpless I truly was. When I hit bottom, God saved me. In a way, I look at my disease as being a blessing. I know that sounds funny but I feel that without it I would not know God the way I do today. What a huge benefit in my “life after alcohol”! Now I feel peace, gratitude and well…whole.

Did you grow up in church?

Yes, and I believe that my early Sunday school training turned out to be incredibly useful. That early understanding that there was a God and that Jesus came to save the world is what prepped me to find God as an adult in the first place. Perhaps when I was in the thick of life and drinking, I guess I didn’t believe that God would actually live in me and grow in me. To anyone out there who is a mother or a grandmother, or hoping to be, please don’t underestimate the importance of early church training.

What sparked your interest in reading the Bible 6 times from cover to cover?

When I retired in 2007 I wanted to study the Bible. I began with Community Bible Study and was a little surprised to find myself completely fascinated and therefore, enthusiastic about it. My husband suggested that we do a “One Year through the Bible” study together. So much was unlocked to me. Also, we attend a home church with 5 couples that meet once a month. I couldn’t believe how much my interest was sparked when absorbing the responses to questions by others. “Wow, I didn’t even think of it that way.” As my spiritual life soared, I realized that every time I read the Bible, the more I wanted to learn. The surprise was when reading the same thing at a different point in my life, the lessons changed or the way I understood them changed. That is why the Bible is a “Living thing”. It can literally speak to you.

How has your worldview changed with your new knowledge of the Bible?

I decided that I would have a very open mind about the Bible, not see it as a myth or a religious textbook. I would take it as it hit me. It soon became obvious to me that society itself was based on biblical teachings. Intellectual pursuits, philosophy of values, success or failures to thrive as societies all wrapped up in these “ancient” principles. I used to view the Old Testament and New Testament as separate texts. But through my study, I have discovered how beautifully they are intertwined. (Being a journalist on the frontlines of crisis after crisis, particularly in the Middle- East, helped me understand these divisions.) Fascinating! I didn’t always see it that way. So as an avid seeker, I would say, you don’t have to know everything about the Bible, but know, it is there for you to absorb.

What made you decide to write your blog, “Vine & Branch”. What do you hope it will accomplish?

One cold winter day, I was enamored with our holly bushes and how prominently the red berries were standing out amongst the cold. I took a photo of it, and thought “I should find a verse for this beauty. Then I thought, why not put together three things. A photo, a Bible verse, and a short personal insight. Ok great, but where to put it? Hence the beginning of Vine & Branch. My initial purpose was mainly to share. Now, I hope to also actually affect people for God, even if it is for a moment.

Kim is now happily retired, enjoying time with her husband and taking advantage of her love of exercise. Spending time between Virginia and Florida keeps the Hume’s in constant motion. Speaking for women’s groups and a variety of faith-based organizations has become a new and exciting part of Kim’s journey. Take 5 minutes and check out her Bible-based blog: Vine and Branch, which can be found at What I love about it, besides the content, obviously, is the brevity. Easy and worth fitting into your week!



It’s 5 days before the snowstorm of the century. Everyone and their mother is out stocking up on the standard survival items. Milk, bread, toilet paper, batteries, and junk food. By the size of the crowds, I am far from alone in my nesting instincts. Knowing we would be housebound, my husband and I diligently do our part in raiding our local grocery store, hardware store and in my case, the craft store. One Target store ran out of two things before the storm hit. Bread and Bibles. Really? I love that!


There is this euphoric feeling when the pre-storm checklist is completed. You have done everything possible to prepare. Only choice now…hunker down. The closer the storm, the more dramatic the newscasters and meteorologists become. They set the tone… “Snow-mageddon”, “Snow-pocalypse”, “Snowzilla”. Beware. Incoming storm will pack a punch of historic proportions! It will be dangerous, and life threatening so whatever youdo… stay tuned to our 24/7 coverage. While I am more than grateful for the news teams, and all the advanced warning, you have to admit, they always get a little caught up in the drama. Whoever scares the most, wins. (I buy right into that by the way.)

For some people snow-in’s make them crazy, and other’s… peaceful. Personally, I couldn’t wait to be castaways from the outside world. (Caveat: there has to be electricity… ok, so I’m not a pioneer woman.) The idea of having my family all to myself…paradise. (As long as it is not too long.) Hanging out, playing games, watching movies, reading and don’t forget…sleeping in. My most favorite past-time during snow storms used to be eating but alas, I’m three days into a diet program that I am determined to conquer. Poor timing indeed. Instead of heating up peanut butter M&M’s in the microwave, I’m carefully measuring out powdered astronaut food in a pyrex. Ugh!

shutterstock_159948056So now the snow has fallen and it is spectacular everywhere you look. The quiet is almost deafening. It is so strange to look out the window at our unplowed road covered in two feet of snow. It’s as if we are living in another world. A world where there are no roads. (That would mean no traffic!) Inside the fireplace is blazing, food is in the oven and life is good. It is at this point where my thoughts turn to those less fortunate. There are people out there who are simply trying to find shelter. They don’t have the luxury of even pondering sleeping in, playing games, or wishing they could add just a little more cream to their coffee.


This week, count your many blessings, and remember to pray for those in need, whether it be your elderly neighbor, a widow, a lonely friend or a homeless person you pass on your way to the grocery store. Life is a series of storms, and they are not just your own. Being there for a person in need, in a way, is like offering yourself as shelter. And remember, Jesus is the ultimate shelter. Ask him to shovel your path.

“Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Philippians 2:4. “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” Charles Dickens

Logan Wolfram: Curiosity Found

Allume 2014-The Allume Collection CMP-0230.jpg

A kindergarten teacher was observing her classroom of children while they drew pictures. Occasionally, she would walk around the room to see each child’s work. “What are you drawing?” she asked one little girl who was working diligently at her desk. The girl replied, “I’m drawing a picture of God.” The teacher paused and said, “But no one knows what God looks like.” The little girl replied, “They will in a minute.”

Do you ever wish you could recapture your child-like creativity and sense of wonder?

Logan Wolfram is a wife, plate-juggling mom, interior decorator turned speaker, blogger and Executive Director of Allume. She also likes to say she is a “daughter of a most extravagant King!” In her soon to be released book, “Curious Faith: Rediscovering Hope in the God of Possibility,” Logan shares her wise insights on discovering God in everyday life by recapturing the eyes of a curious child. Her ability to see life this way is rare and wonderful and inspires her readers to take a closer look at their faith – and in turn, discover the adventure in every day! It’s tough to come up with one word that describes Logan. I’d have to say “COLORFUL,” in all capital letters. Not just because she has an interior design background, or sets a brilliant stage for her Greenville, S.C. based Allume Conference, but because she is funny, lively, bubbly, welcoming and just plain bold. She puts it all out there.

No pretenses here, Allume’s slogan is “Come as you are.” The Hyatt Regency ballroom is as inviting and lovely as if you were a guest in Logan’s own living room. (As a matter of fact the stage set for the 2014 conference actually was her living room, right down to the polka dot sofa!)

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 9.23.22 AM.png

The venue is chock-full of stimulating ideas and meditation. An amazing worship team and dynamic event speakers give you enough spiritual, emotional and intellectual food for thought for a lifetime…really. This is not just a conference, it is an “experience.” Not a detail is missed. I can see early on that Logan is a “whole picture” kind of gal. She surrounds herself with an amazing team of women who keep her on track and on time. Each conference attendee is treated like a family member. (Note: My goody bag was so full of goodies that I had to pick up all the excess pouring out on the way to my room.) For her event sponsors, Logan and her team would move heaven and earth to make sure they were successful and felt valued. Did I mention the wait staff at the hotel? Praised and praised though-out the weekend. What I saw was women walking the walk. Logan’s background in cooking, decorating and radio advertising makes her the perfect Executive Director. Hmm, although she is a brilliant businesswoman, this title doesn’t seem to fit her personality. I’m thinking Gracious Hostess.

I was able to ask Logan a few questions. Here are her responses:

Tell us about your new neighborhood in Greenville.

She laughs and says, “It didn’t take me long to discover that I was a ‘tattoo’ girl living in a ‘monogram’ neighborhood. It took some time to adjust but I love where we live. Living close to the city of Greenville is a lot of fun with lots to do and see!”

What do you mean by “curious faith” in your book title?

“I spent my whole life putting God into a box. It wasn’t until I knocked the walls off that box that I could actually see Him with wide open curiosity. And suddenly, I didn’t want to contain Him anymore! A curious faith is a mobile one and ‘understanding’ is an action verb that unfolds before us. We can’t be curious about something we control. And when we try to control our lives, we miss out on the adventure of faith. The Bible tells us to renew our minds on the things of heaven. Why don’t we listen to this? Guess what happens if we don’t renew our minds…our minds get ‘old’ on the things of heaven and earth.”

What do you say about people who look at life with fear or dread?

“If you dread what is coming your way, you are not living curiously. If you think life will break you, then at some point you become afraid to really live it. The certainty of our faith isn’t found in where we are going, but in whom we are following. This is living with a curious faith.”

What inspired you to write “Curious Faith: Rediscovering Hope in the God of Possibilities?

“Among other things, one day I was watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with my two sons. I’d seen it before but this time, I found myself ensconced in the meaning. So who actually wins the keys to the chocolate factory? Is it the self-centered kid, the gluttonous one, the prideful one, or the impatient one? None of the above – it was Charlie, the curious, humble child who simply wants to know Wonka’s secrets and give his family a better life. Like the golden ticket, God wants us to unwrap the beauties of His Kingdom in the here and now. He has fathoms of different flavors to share with us, like the everlasting Gobstopper. (Note: I texted Logan… “I know that I’m a “Barruka Sweet type” y’know, the “I want it now daddy” girl? She texts back, “Ha! It’s Veruca Salt, close though.” LOL!


The big Allume news is that you will not be holding a 2016 Conference. You are going to “wait” this year out. This could not have been an easy decision.

“While some critics of the idea see this as a loss of momentum, we see it as a well needed time to recharge and pray. You can’t move forward on an empty tank. Waiting is courageous. Waiting is brave. Waiting is active. Waiting is full of experience along the way. It’s not a void that we’re stuck in until something new happens. It doesn’t make us victims of circumstances we can’t change. Waiting is growing and is pursuit. Waiting cultivates strength and rich experience.”

Are you concerned about this huge community of Christian bloggers that follow you, losing connection?

“It’s ok. I heard Christian speaker Lysa Terkeurst once say, ‘don’t allow momentum to be what moves you. God may have something else for you in store.’ If this is about ‘keeping up with the Jones’…this Jones ain’t keeping up. People follow you but they don’t follow you into the looney bin. (HA!) I’m excited about attending a couple of other conferences this year.”

When is your book due out?

March 1, YEAH!

I’ll wrap up with this simple Logan quote: “The more curious I am, the braver I become.”

I hope you have been inspired to be braver, and more free to think a little more “out of the box” in your faith walk. You don’t want to miss THIS adventure. Make sure to check her out ya’ll!

Color My World


A coloring book for adults? Genius! I am hitting myself in the head, “Why didn’t I think of this?” Many, but not all of you probably have some sort of a creative medium in which you find relaxation. I can barely draw a stick figure, but provide me with an already printed outline of a flower garden, and I’ll color it in like Claude Monet himself!


This is serious stuff guys. I don’t settle for just your basic set of 12 colored pencils. I go for the gusto with a kaleidoscope of freshly sharpened colored pencils. I like to group the different shades together in blues, pinks, greens, yellows, grays, browns. When in a bolder mood, I go for the fine tipped magic markers. Before you get all jealous of my skills, try it yourself.

Research shows that coloring is an effective stress reducer. (Warning: addictive personalities: you may become obsessed.) When a page is completed, I step back to look at my Barnes & Noble inspired masterpiece. I’m surprisingly proud of myself and the artist that has obviously been trapped in my aging body. I elatedly share my works with my family, who are kind but not as thrilled as I seem to be. I wonder why? Hmm…

shutterstock_235139635Recently, I woke up extra early to do my Bible study, listen to relaxing instrumental music and pray. When I finished up my study, I decided that I would put off folding the huge laundry piles and take that time to pull out the coloring book. A few minutes into my endeavor, my freshly showered youngest son walks in the room wrapped in a towel, dripping wet and clearly peeved.

“Mom, I’ve had no underwear or socks for the last couple of days and you are sitting there coloring?” “No honey, I’m praying and coloring.” Ugh, my stress-free zone… penetrated by reality and the mundane task of laundry folding. (Note: the only thing I like about doing laundry is sorting the colors. Are you seeing a pattern here?)

While my new hobby can be a peaceful distraction from life, it is, of course, a temporary escape. Through the years of up’s and downs, seeking and hiding, hemming and hawing, I have come to understand one thing I know for sure. Real peace comes from God.

BibleThe Bible study and prayer, mentioned earlier, is the real peace generator. Cultivating a relationship with God is as colorful and peaceful as it gets! Spend time with our Creator while simultaneously and purposely paying attention to all the beauty that surrounds you. Share what you see with others in your life. There is something about this sharing that can “color in” the blank spaces in your life and more importantly for others.


“I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

“Peace: It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” ‘Unknown’

Look out for that Gas Pump!


Our rented minivan was packed to the brim. Six people, one dog, 12 suitcases of assorted sizes and 2 coolers. This was leg 9 of our cross-country trip from Maryland to Colorado and back again visiting many friends, monuments and pet-friendly hotels along the way.  For my 86-year-old parent’s, this is the only and best way to see the country. They go nowhere without their pug. “Lily doesn’t like airplanes.” (Blame it on the dog.) 

shutterstock_148039214Today’s driving adventure is an easy 245 miles from Snowmass to Colorado Springs. We stop in town at the gas station as we head out and I decided to get everyone their own drink for the ride. Heading back to the car, juggling water bottles, dropping my credit card, contemplating if we left any important chargers behind at the house, and telling my mother for the umpteenth time… “No thanks Mom, I don’t need you to ‘spell me’ with the driving.” Mom doesn’t drive anymore. She didn’t like my answer.

I settle into the driver’s seat and make sure everyone’s buckled up. “Ok, all set. Let’s do this thing!”  (Thinking to myself… I can’t wait to get this drive over with.) I put the van in drive and pull away…then it happens…THUNK! I look back and sure enough, I had forgotten to take the fuel nozzle out of our gas tank. After a jolted moment of fear, I hop out of the car, put the nozzle in its rightful home, twist the gas cap back on, all the while holding my head high as if … “Yup, I meant to do that!” Now… I must face my jury. I look back and everyone is staring at me. Then mom with a smirk on her face, says… “Sure you wouldn’t like me to spell you?” Touché!shutterstock_192510125

Let’s pay extra attention to and always make the effort to palpably enjoy life. Slow down for those precious moments and even those not so precious trials. If it is not evident, and many times it isn’t, ask God to show you the joy and the silver linings. No dragging any gas pumps people!

    “Therefore, we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it.” Hebrews 2:1

    “The quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight. The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention. Julia Cameron

The Truth be told…I lied


I bought a brand new suit just for this.  With sweaty palms and a last minute mend of a stocking, I got on the road.  To be safe, I left an hour early which turned out to be a good idea because, sure enough, there was mid-day, non-rush hour traffic.

Now the awkward moments in the office waiting area. “Were there hidden cameras on the walls?” “Should I re-apply my lipstick or will I get caught in the act?” “Why am I so worked up?” If I get this job it will change my life! A great industry, salary, commissions, benefits… a car!  I KNOW I can do this, but boy am I a mess inside.


I probably shouldn’t have jumped up from my chair when the interviewer called my name. Am I conveying enthusiasm and positive energy or the bundle of nerves that I am.” 

After an hour of back and forth, I painted a larger than life picture of myself as master and commander of my domain and left the office with a strong handshake and pinpoint eye contact.  There was only one problem. I felt uneasy about my answer to the very last question. “What is it that motivates you?” 

I blurted out the standard interview answer about success and accomplishment which was partially true, but I left off the most important thing to me. Worse… I did it on purpose. I knew from a worldly perspective that it was controversial to reference God as my source of strength and motivation.   

I did not get the job but felt compelled to write to the interviewer.

Dear Mr. Blank,

shutterstock_329414417I want to apologize to you because during our discussion I neglected to tell you the truth about what motivates me. It is my faith in Jesus Christ that gets me out of bed and gives me everything I need to be successful. By leaving that out, I was not honest with you.

Please forgive me…

This was uncomfortable to write because I wanted to be considered for other positions. After prayer, I knew it was the right thing to do. 

The next week I got a call inviting me back to interview for a different position.  There I was again. Same suit, new stockings, but this time a sense of peace and a clear conscience.  Then I heard the question… “What motivates you?”

The moment of truth. “That’s a great question Mr. Manager…” 

shutterstock_313932449As I explained that it is my faith, I saw his interview face turn into the most radiant smile. He put his hand out and said, “Well, I’m so glad to meet you! I share your compassion for your faith!.” I got the job,  a much better territory and an instant bond with the company’s regional manager. God had a better plan for me. Through all the drama, He taught me how to trust in Him.   

As you go forward this week, keep in mind that God has a perfect plan for you. Not the other way around.  You are bound to face frustration and obstacles, so prepare yourself in prayer each morning. The joy far outweighs the burdens!

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Jesus Christ.” Philippians 4:6-7

“If you don’t want to slip up tomorrow, speak the truth today.” Bruce Lee

Tina Boyd: Leading with Love


Some people are content staying in the background and letting others lead, build and deal with all that comes with the territory of making a difference in the world. Coming from a family of 6 children, a military dad, and a strong-willed mom, this month’s “Real Person”, Tina Boyd, will not get lost in the crowd.

thanksgiving image 9 (3)

Beloved family members, husband Lance, 3 kids, Brigette, Andrew, and Olivia are hugely important in Tina’s drive for success and excellence. However, her faith in God is the center of her universe. Starting her day in prayer is a given for Tina. How else do you balance a family, a career, the launching of a book, and being a co-founder of a foundation? While some of us need 3 cups of coffee to get our day started, Tina hits the ground running and praying. Her sense of energy and joy is almost super human. From the outside, you would think…is she for real? Or, boy, she has the perfect life. But she’ll share with you up front and personally, she faced a dark chapter in her life that could have stopped her in her tracks, ruined her marriage, her family and taken her soul to the very depths of destruction.


Last winter, Tina hit the send button for her book “The Ride of Your Life: Faith will move you Forward”. This story details the events that took place in the spring of 2004 when she hit a cyclist while driving on her local Virginia road.  We all have roads that we navigate on a daily basis. This could have been any of us.  On this day, however, this road would become the tipping point of her life. With raw honesty and in-depth journaling, Tina shares her deepest feelings on this tragic event. After the accident, she was a woman marked by shame and defeat.

To leave us with just a picture of how it felt to go through this trauma wouldn’t be a reason to write this book. It’s not about freeing herself from the guilt of her tragic day. It’s about shining a light onto how God blessed her with wisdom and a peace she felt she would never experience again. From finding herself stuck to her dining room floor in the depths of despair and depression to shining a brilliant light on recovering from a tragedy. Through prayer and counseling, she not only recovered, but she discovered that the God of her prayers wanted more from her. Her life’s mission has become about helping other’s with tragedy and becoming an advocate for “Brain Injury Services” (a percentage of her book sales goes to this cause.)  Tina has a distinct way about her that makes hope real.


In 2006, Tina cofounded, W+Wings  (Women Walking in God’s Spirit) with her friend Dedra Faine.(  Together they serve their local Virginia community with just about everything. Thanksgiving meals, housing, food, medical services, counseling, etc.  Understanding that there are all levels of need in our communities, this heavily engaged group of women help the poorest of poor to those finding themselves choked by economic issues of this day and age.

tinaIf you happen to live anywhere in the Northern Virginia area be sure to catch Tina on the Virginia Living television channel where a lively group of women discuss the joys and challenges of life while highlighting people making a difference in their community. As National Director of Sales for Atlanta-based “Christian Bling” Tina tirelessly recruits, motivates and inspires women to become entrepreneurs and share the word of God through meaningful jewelry and social selling. Clearly a woman on fire for life and the God who gave her life; making her our “Real Person” of the week.